Simplexity was founded in 2003 by Paul Burns to provide niche engineering consultancy services to the worldwide high-tech industry

Since the company’s inception we have been helping organisations solve their problems and create value for their businesses. Simplexity is based in Adelaide South Australia, but we have never rested in the pursuit of excellence and experience and have relocated around the globe to successfully deliver projects in Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA. This has been a conscious strategy to help ensure that we expand our expertise and remain at the cutting edge of technology and problem solving for the benefit of our clients. We call ourselves niche, but our expertise in the types of services we can deliver and the range of industries we can support, may surprise you. Since 2003 we have been trusted by many industry leading companies, government enterprises, start-ups, training companies and universities.
Although we may have started as niche, our depth of experience today means that we support a range of industry sectors and provide not just engineering services, but also assist with product marketing, innovation and strategy, business and tender proposals. We believe that niche consulting teams produce the best results for their clients by only delivering the required expertise quickly and efficiently. By engaging us on your project, you can be confident of only being delivered with the right expert to solve your problem. Our services can be delivered flexibly to meet your needs, we can work remotely or be embedded as part of your team. We consider all project sizes from the large to the very small.


Paul Burns (via his company Simplexity Communications Pty Ltd) was subcontracted to the Australian Department of Defence for a year up until October 2007 where he supplied Professional Service Provider (PSP) technical engineering services to the Capability Development Executive (CDE) and the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). These services were in support of the following Defence major projects: Land 75, Land 125 and JP2072.
I am pleased to confirm that Paul has provided expert, professional and timely technical input into the following project activities:
a) Operational concepts development for the Battlegroup and Below C3 (BGC3) System:
b) Function and Performance Specification development for the BGC3 System
c) Design, development, modelling and test design of the Combat Net Radio component of the BGC3 System and
d) General radio communications engineering technical support.
I would have no hesitation recommending his appointment in the future to a project requiring the services of a Communications engineer in a Defence environment.

LTCOL Michael J. Toohey Project Director Land 75 – Battlefield Command Support System & Battle Management System